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Alexandra learners shine

Emfundisweni Primary School has been part of the iSchoolAfrica family for over a year now.  When the iPad Numeracy programme, sponsored by Mimecast and Human Doings was introduced in 2017, teachers didn’t know what to expect and underestimated their own ability to work with technology in the classroom.  Although the initial uptake by teachers were slow, nothing was slow when it came to the learners.  Especially their Numeracy progress.  Teacher immediately started seeing a difference in the classroom.  The learners started coming to class on time and were totally engaged in Numeracy lessons.  Even the learners that previously never answered questions in class started to put their hands up and shout out answers as their understanding of basic Numeracy concepts improved and their confidence grew.  
Mimecast and Human Doings decided to expand the school’s iPad resources by adding another lab which was handed over today.  The additional iPads will ensure that every learner gets the necessary time on the appropriate apps that will help them master their basic Numeracy concepts.
The same teachers that were slightly apprehensive to start using iPads are now running the programme and making sure all their colleagues understand the incredible impact the tech has had in the classroom.  
We would like to thank our Emfundisweni teachers for not giving up and for the hard work they put into making the iPad programme a success at their school.  A big thanks to Mimecast and Human Doings for making change possible at Emfundisweni PS.