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iPad Transforming Teaching and Learning

The iPad has become a game changer for meeting educational objectives and has features that can address the specific contextual challenges facing our educational communities. Through exposure to interactive apps, it has been proven that learners become more motivated, engaged and independent in their learning, leading to enhanced performance in the classroom.

Features include but are not limited to:

  • The abundance of applications gives access to quality content. Applications include curriculum-relevant lessons, educational games, assessment, audio books and e-books.
  • The touch interface allows a high level of interactivity ‑ keeping learners excited and motivated. iPad makes learning fun, collaborative and imaginative.
  • A 10-hour battery life means the iPad can be used throughout the school day.
  • The instant startup of the iPad means greater use of class time for learning.
  • The iPad is mobile, and labs can easily be set up to move from classroom to classroom to increase accessibility.