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Moving with MiX Telematics and leaving no one behind

Technology, like iPads are often on a special needs school’s wish list, but because they have to prioritise to meet the basic needs of their learners, technology stays a pipe dream.  What a privilege it is to partner with MiX Telematics who understands the value of technology in a world where the learners’ challenges are far more than we could imagine. Thanks to Mix Telematics, iSchoolAfrica handed over an iPad lab to two incredibly special schools in the Western Cape:  the Alta du Toit school for learners with special educational needs and VERA school for learners with Autism.
Special needs schools are often the last to receive funding for projects and have to resort to fundraising to pay for the most basic needs of their learners.  The iPad lab donation will allow teachers and therapists to address individual challenges and bring the best out in their learners.
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