iSchoolAfrica works in partnership with corporates, foundations and government departments. The iSchoolAfrica Programme addresses the key challenges faced by teachers and students and creates a sustainable impact on education. Supporting the iSchoolAfrica programme allows partners to achieve their objectives through the following programme benefits:


A fully managed and implemented corporate social responsibility (CSI) initiative.

The iSchoolAfrica team will be responsible for the full roll-out of the programme, including school selection, implementation, liaison with the Department of Education, stakeholder buy-in, regular status reports and monitoring and evaluation.


Sustainability is key to the programme.

Capacity building among beneficiaries is key to long-term sustainability. This is a planned and goal-driven approach and objectives are clearly communicated and reported against.


Branding opportunities.

Extensive opportunities exist for sponsor branding, for example:  school signage, images on iPads and school communication.


PR and media exposure.

To derive maximum benefit, the iSchoolAfrica PR team prepare messages for relevant press, and work with sponsors to ensure an alignment of messages that drive attention and audiences to the campaign’s activities and content.


Project photographs, videos, case studies.

The iSchoolAfrica team will ensure the partner receives project material on a regular basis for communication on their website, to clients and stakeholders.


Employee engagement calendar in iSchoolAfrica.

iSchoolAfrica provides many opportunities to engage sponsor employees. It provides a channel through which organisations can demonstrate their values, contributing to improved employee perceptions, motivation and retention. Activities can also be linked to team-building objectives. An iSchoolAfrica employee engagement calendar will be agreed on with the Sponsor.


BEE points through Corporate Social Investment.

The key beneficiaries of the programme are previously disadvantaged youth (Section 18A documents and beneficiary letters will be issued from all schools). iSchoolAfrica assists its clients to score BEE points.


Reporting, monitoring and evaluation.

The iSchoolAfrica team issues monthly status reports on project progress. Monitoring and evaluation processes are woven into iSchoolAfrica’s project management. Our projects are all target-based. In this way, best practice outcomes are promoted through close interaction between iSchoolAfrica, the schools and the sponsor.


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