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The amazing race: learners build MINI model cars, and race them using iPads

mini race

There was speed, thrills and adrenaline as the Grade 10 learners from Soshanguve Technical High School raced their own MINI model cars, which were remote controlled using iPads. The initiative, a partnership between iSchoolAfrica, MINI and iGlobe, combined learning, fun and technology to boost learners’ skills and confidence.

For the initiative, grade 10 learners built iPad remote-controlled MINI model cars which they designed using recyclable materials as part of their Technology and Design project. The learners then put their built model cars to the test and raced them against each other to see which car would win the race.

“This project brought together technology, creativity, workplace skills, collaboration and team work and is a task that prepares learners for the skills they need to succeed in today’s world. It also showcased how industry and education can work closely together to achieve a mutual objective”, says Michelle Lissoos, Managing Director of iSchoolAfrica.