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Thuthuzekani Primary School Press Team – taking on the digital world!

From ShandukaFoundation

The Thuthuzekani Primary School Press Team is one of the Foundation’s first adopted schools and one of ISchool Africa’s youngest Youth Press Teams.

Through the ISchool Africa Youth Team programme, these young school children have been taught how to use iPads, Apple apps, a tri-pod and a microphone.

They were selected to cover the first South African iPad Summit. This summit featured international speakers and welcomed over 400 teachers. The team brainstormed, scripted, filmed and edited their own ‘masterpiece’ and here it is:

Thuthuzekani’s Press Team Leader, Khumbulani Moyo, was interviewed by Jo’burg Today and you can watch that interview here:

Since 2010 the Youth Press Team programme has grown from strength to strength and has exposed hundreds of youth to a new world of digital literacy, the media industry and it has facilitated robust social interaction amongst its members.

Adopt-a-School Foundation is proud to partner with iSchool Africa.