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Winners of the Apple in Education 2014 awards announced

Teachers, parents and students celebrated the brilliant relationship of tech and the classroom, at the Apple in Education awards in mid November.

The competition, in its sixth year, recognises and awards learners who have created innovative projects using Apple technology, and the teachers who have guided them.

In this year’s competition, entries came from 72 government, private, rural and township schools in nine provinces, and there were 562 projects received from grades 1 to 12, and 13 winning teams, plus a winning teacher.

The competition categories were: Shape of My World, Exploring the Sciences in Everyday Life,  Bringing to Life Your Favourite HIstorical/Literary Figure, Expression Through the Arts, and iTeacher 2014.

Projects were created using powerful apps, and utilities such as iLife, iMovie and Garage Band, and made into superb multimedia works.

Michelle Lissooss, managing editor of Think Ahead, organisers of the competition, and a division of Core Group, said: “The Apple in Education competition gives learners and teachers the opportunity to showcase how Apple technology has enhanced their learning and teaching, and the difference it has made in their classrooms. Schools that use Apple technology already see teaching and learning in an entirely new way.”

“iSchoolAfrica aims to give our rural and township schools access to the same opportunities and educational practices that the best schools are using, This competition, and their success in it, highlights how giving our schools tools, allows  students and teachers the potential to reach excellence “

Each member of the winning team won an iPod Nano, while the teacher of the group received an Apple TV. All finalists received certificates. The iTeacher winner received an iPad Air, and all finalists were given  certificates.

Click here to view the winning videos.

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