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iSchool Press Team is a unique programme that started in 2010 with the World Cup as a vehicle for youth to get involved in the historic event and share their views and capture the hype around the massive event through short films made on Mac technology.

The success of the initiative prompted iSchoolAfrica to immediately launch a complete programme to continue to give young SA a voice, and provide a new and sustainable platform for young people of various backgrounds to present their opinions and become vehicles for social change.

Since 2010 the programme has grown from strength to strength and has exposed hundreds of youth to a new world of digital literacy, the media industry and it has facilitated robust social interaction amongst its members

The aim of the programme is to give young South Africa a voice by allowing youth to share their opinions on critical issues that affect them.

Viewpoints are captured in one-minute videos where the students brainstorm, script, film and edit their ‘masterpieces’ which are then shared through a multitude of platforms for the world to see.

iSchoolAfrica offers training and skills development support, plus a series of exciting workshops.

The iSchool Press Team welcomes all students to participate as teams or individuals. With exciting themes and competitions and amazing prizes to be won by both the member teams and their schools, the initiative has been taken to new heights.

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