#MyFuture Green Careers Hackathon Challenge

#MyFuture Green Careers Hackathon Challenge

Do you want to change your community for the better?

We challenge you to enter and be one of the top 10 teams to take part in our Hackathon. You can make a difference and win.

What is a Hackathon?

It is an event where people come together to solve problems using technology.

How to enter

Firstly let’s look at our Hackathon question – What does it mean to leave behind a legacy for a sustainable future using technology in your community?

We have amazing innovative GREEN stories out there that have been making a difference for example William Kamkwamba was a 14 year old Malawian inventor who built an electricity-producing windmill from spare parts. What about the drones that have been used to deliver medical supplies to rural areas? Or one of our speakers from MicGalaw who is turning recyclable material into amazing eco-fashion? Where there is a need there is a way and you as young South Africans can be the next inventors of something great.

In teams of 4 – 5 friends, create and submit a 1:30 – 2 minute video or an essay of 250 – 300 words explaining how your team will leave behind a legacy for a sustainable future using technology in your community?

You need to include the following in your submissions:

Step 1

Define the problem or need in your community, focusing on either – Green energy resources, Waste management, Sustainable water management or Sustainable land management.

Step 2

Identify which of the UNESCO Sustainable goal/s your team will be addressing in order to find this solution.

View the goals here:

Step 3

Explain your solution and how will you incorporate technology into it. How will it meet the needs of your community?

Remember only the 10 best solutions will make it to the Hackathon.
Submission deadline - 13 August 2021 16:00 GMT+2 (no late entries will accepted)
Winning teams will be selected and notified on 20 August 2021
Hackathon dates for the top 10 winning teams will be held on 2 October and 9 October.

For more information or questions please contact [email protected]

See some of the Green Inspirations here:


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